About Us

My name’s Alecia and I have always been an animal lover. I have worked at a dog kennel, walked every neighbourhood dog growing up, actively volunteered for a local rescue, fostered dogs, and even “foster failed”. My partner Dom and I wanted to create a business that would allow me to one day run a rescue of my own. 

Ever since I adopted my foster dog Romeo, I felt that I could help rescue dogs in a way that most rescues aren’t able to. I want to be able to let them heal, which may mean taking care of them longer and letting them decide when the right time it is for them to be adopted. Due to the high amount of dogs that come through rescues, I have found that the dogs are not allowed to have time to adjust and start their healing process. Most rescue dogs come from high-stress situations and need time more time to heal. Through K9 Breeds, I hope to make this dream a reality.

With part of the proceeds from K9 Breeds, I plan on putting that money directly towards rescuing dogs from high-kill shelters. This will allow us to be able to get the proper treatment for each dog and also allow it time as much time as it needs to heal. Throughout this entire process, I will hope to take you with us along the way. Documenting behind the scenes, you will see every step that we take to ensure that we are helping save these animals' lives. 

I hope you follow along our journey with us and we appreciate you supporting our business/goal. Please send us any feedback and questions, we will always be happy to assist. We are excited to go along this journey with you all.


Alecia & Dom